Nathan “Nat” Daniel founded the Danelectro Company in Red Bank, New Jersey in 1947. He was one of the great innovators and started building guitar amplifiers for Montgomery Ward and Sears Roebuck. Daniel had previously designed and made Epiphone’s Electar amp series, and his pioneering circuits incorporated many industry firsts, such as tremolo. Eventually around 1954, Sears approached Daniel to make an affordable electric guitar. Nat Daniel showed some real innovative ideas making good playing guitars at low prices. Danelectro made the front and back of their guitars out of Masonite, a composite material created by pressure molding steamed wood fibers. Far cheaper than using solid wood or plywood. They were constructed simply of vinyl, masonite and Formica. Instead of being reinforced by an adjustable truss rod, the thin, bolt-on poplar necks relied on two heavy-duty steel bars installed under the fretboard making the neck quite stable and needing no truss rod. The nut was usually made from aluminum. The guitars were made simply, with no pearl adornments or expensive woods. According to Danelectro, few of these guitars came back for neck issues.

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